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Kennett Pointe

Kennett Point is a mixed-use property located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania constructed by Montchanin Builders. Composed of The Lofts, The Shoppes, and The Townes at Kennett Pointe, this property aims to be the shining gem of Kennett Square and a destination for many.

The Challenge
To develop a unifying brand that encompasses the historic nature of Kennett Square.
The Eureka Moment
A birds-eye view of Kennett Pointe’s unique shape gave us the inspiration we needed to craft a beautiful logo that elevates all aspects of the property.
The Solution
The intersecting lines of the roads in and around the property, along with the inspiration that came from the mood board, converged to generate the elements to develop a stunning logo. The end result is a hybrid of modern and rustic visuals, paired into a mark that will be utilized across the various functions of the property: The Townes, The Shoppes, and The Lofts at Kennett Pointe.