Brand Development

Website Design and Development


First Presbyterian Church

Entering a time of growth and renewal, the 278-year-old First Presbyterian Church set out to strengthen its mission, vision, values, and impact in the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, through an initiative called “Envisioning our Future.”

The Challenge
To create the mark and brand that symbolizes the momentum, hopefulness, and positive spirit of their new direction, while infusing First Presbyterian Church's new website with a warm, welcoming, and positive user experience.
The Eureka Moment
We juxtaposed the hierarchy of the church's mission and vision with the thicks and thins of the Church's stained glass windows through typography and line work, while alluding to the historical and architectural prominence of First Presbyterian within the community.
The Solution
The primary logo is modern yet filled with rich history, architectural detail, and elegance. The steeple mark is one of two supporting brand marks that are a nod to the historical and architectural physical markers of First Presbyterian. These marks serve to create hierarchy and clarity of purpose, unifying the website's textual and visual storytelling.