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Kitchen Kettle Village

Kitchen Kettle Village began in 1954 with one woman sharing her canned jams and jellies at a community celebration in her backyard. It has grown into a beloved, walkable village offering authentic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania hospitality, food, shopping, lodging, and events to guests from all over the world.

The Challenge
To communicate the intentional curation of unique experiences at Kitchen Kettle Village that stem from a guest service mindset embedded in its culture.
This idea of sharing joy and warmth in the proverbial family kitchen goes back to the most primal home memories we share as humans. So many traditions and memories begin and are shared in the kitchen.
The Solution
"Good things happen in the kitchen" became the perfect package of Kitchen Kettle Village sweetness all rolled into one. We developed messaging extensions and a visual identity that connected to the "good things" the village does to make the guest experience great, which were amplified across all marketing channels.