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Square Root Brands

Square Root Brands is an innovator in products for strength, rehabilitation, and fitness. They develop forward-thinking products and partner with others’ looking to leave a lasting impression in the marketplace. With a passion for innovation, deeply rooted industry partnerships, and broad industry knowledge, Square Root Brands is positioned to do great things.

The Challenge
To create a new vision for an existing brand with a need for a fresh name and logo design.
Our team took the time to sweat the details and carefully compose a name and logo that kept the owner's mission and values top of mind, while also amplifying his business and marketing goals. After creating the name, our team got right to work on the logo marks for Square Root Brands. We knew the look and feel of these marks had to have a subtle inner strength, yet feel mighty and strong.
The Solution
The final Square Root Brands logo mark is easily scalable to work across a diverse landscape of products and platforms while still feeling cohesive throughout. The look and feel is bold and dynamic, yet friendly through the juxtaposition of lowercase and uppercase characters.