Greenfield Lancaster


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Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Greenfield was created more than 50 years ago as an industrial park anchored by the High companies’ headquarters. Following a rebrand in 2020, Greenfield was reimagined as a destination for an eclectic mix of businesses to find their home, grow, and thrive. From start-ups to legacy companies, the mixed-use property aims to be a community that welcomes ideas, innovation, and collaboration.

As a close collaborator over the years, Greenfield turned to Fig Industries to help them evaluate their rebranding efforts and assess its evolving culture.

Designing a Strategic Workshop
Our team first sat down to understand the questions Greenfield needed answered and the goals they had in mind. We determined with Greenfield that the best path forward was to host a community forum, evaluating three key areas and engaging two key audiences in the community. With a commitment to create something more than a sterile focus group, we designed a unique brand to position these forums as more of a creative strategic workshop, which we named Seed Sessions. Although a new kind of project for our agency, our team was ideally positioned to host Seed Sessions on behalf of Greenfield—using our robust ability to brainstorm, assess problems, and break them down into manageable steps that would inform each step of the process. As the hosts, we brought our unique outside perspective and our community connections to help recruit participants.
Hosting a Seed Session
As we began planning for Greenfield’s Seed Sessions, we established a set of questions centered around those three topics: the amenities offered at Greenfield, branding and the perception of Greenfield’s brand, and communication from Greenfield internally to tenants and externally to the community. We hosted two days of sessions—one for current tenants at Greenfield and one for key community leaders. Although the topics remained consistent, the questions we brought were modified to fit the two audiences. Our team chose three facilitators for each of the topic areas and broke participants into three groups that rotated between each facilitator. There was a strategic design to the flow—from welcome drinks and snacks to the small sizes of the groups to the fast-paced feeling of moving between breakouts. These touches created an open environment of listening, comfort, and connection.
“We didn't want it to be a lecture series where we were positioned as experts. Instead, we wanted participants to have the freedom to share their opinions candidly. We also wanted to make sure this was an event that they wanted to come to. They knew it was more than just a focus group and instead engaged them in warm, conversational discussions while respecting their time.” – Jaimie Russo, Fig Industries Account Manager and Seed Session Facilitator
Delivering Takeaways and Creative Ideas
Using recordings from each session, we compiled open feedback for each of the questions as well as quantitative data we gathered through interactive surveys from each group. This allowed us to give Greenfield a detailed report and creative ideas that will inform how they move forward in their branding, communication, and offerings to the community. With the success of Greenfield’s Seed Sessions, we saw an opportunity to come alongside other businesses as they look to plant their next big idea and get the right people around the table. Now offering three kinds of strategic workshops through Seed Sessions, we at Fig Industries are ready to continue helping transform businesses and brands.