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Natural Investments

Natural Investments is a national portfolio management firm that strives to heal humanity’s relationship with money. As a Certified B Corporation, they believe a capital market should channel financial resources to improve communities and create opportunity, while minimizing toxic social and environmental outputs. They have been at the forefront of the socially responsible investment world for over three decades, standing behind regenerative investing that improves life for others and for our earth.

Brand Development
As a fellow B Corp, Natural Investments came to us in 2020 to help them build out their visual brand identity by developing a brand style guide to complement and enhance their existing logo. Their primary logo uses the ginkgo leaf, a sign of regeneration, to convey their mission of healing, and the typography within the logo features thicks and thins that are both strong and naturalistic. From this foundation, our team curated a mood board that embodied their brand and a path towards growth which helped to inform the new color palette and typography style we developed. A deeply green company deserved a nature-inspired palette of mixed greens and blues with bursts of warmer colors for contrast. To complement the logo, we introduced two new fonts to their brand: the serif Americana font with its organic and traditional curves and the sans serif Termina font to give a modern feel to the updated brand identity. Our team also created a custom pattern made with the ginkgo leaf and other organic shapes in greens and yellows to use throughout marketing designs. A paper texture is carried throughout the pattern, giving it depth and life, and the abstract nature of the pattern allows it to be used in a variety of ways and styles.
Publication Design
With the new brand identity developed, Natural Investment asked us to redesign their Annual Impact Report, which is sent each year to their clients and stakeholders. Since their investment firm stands out amongst other firms due to the nature of their mission, we proposed a publication style that was equally as unique and reflected their legacy in this industry. With careful consideration to paper, scale, and creatively sharing data, we helped redefine this piece to elevate its look and feel. Using large, impactful type and thoughtful placement of the texture and pattern from the brand guide, the result was a more beautiful, human-centric piece.
We then applied the same design principles to their quarterly newsletter, which gives readers an inside look into the latest from Natural Investments as well as thought pieces and updates from within the sustainability, business, and investing world. As a longtime partner now with Natural Investments, we continue to refine and introduce intriguing elements to each of their four publications each year to keep their audiences invested in the important work they are doing.