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Lancaster Central Market

The oldest operating under-roof market in the country, Lancaster Central Market is an iconic food hub for Lancaster City. We were honored to be asked to rebrand the market in 2010. Since then, we have worked alongside the market on their ongoing branding, including campaign needs for their new roof campaign and the development of their new website.

The Challenge

The brand needed to retain its Lancaster County heritage and represent the family-owned standholders within. Everything we create for the Market needs to be timeless and live well into the future.

The Aha Moment

What represents Lancaster County better than a rooster? Our modern and graphic interpretation is flexible and iconic.

The Solution

Our work with the Raise the Roof campaign was successful in helping to raise over 1m to return the roof to it’s original slate style state. The website we designed is informational and friendly with an easy to update interface for an ever-changing and organic market. And the decade-old logo is still relevant and successful in representing this vibrant city destination.