Print Collateral


David M. Geiger

David M. Geiger is a fourth generation antiques dealer who specializes in appraising and representing French and Indian War and Revolutionary War objects including antique arms. He is the youngest expert in his field, and he understands the importance of sharing his knowledge with a new generation. ⁠

The Challenge

To create a brand that would represent his unique business built on knowledge and expertise that is unparalleled in the area.⁠


When creating the mark, we knew it needed to be appropriate to the era of David’s collections and appeal to collectors with years of experience as well as industry newcomers.⁠ We were inspired by antique arms detailing, fonts from the earliest days of Guttenburg printing, and PA Dutch Fraktur. ⁠

The Solution

Sometimes the best way to communicate a brand is old fashioned ink on paper. David’s brand demanded the hand-crafted touch of foil stamping on a beautiful soft white cotton stock.