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Circle of Life Massage and Wellness

Circle of Life Massage and Wellness provides natural approaches to health for the mind, body, and spirit. Their services are restorative so over time, they build long lasting relationships and tailor services to their clients’ evolving needs. The founder’s vision is to expand with more offerings and spaces that treat the whole person and be recognized as a leader in the bodywork space.

The Challenge

To develop a brand to represent the founder’s wider vision for Circle of Life and set the business apart from spas and medical massage offices.

The Concept

Taking a trip to Circle of Life Massage and Wellness to see the spaces where they interact with their clientele helped to create a clear picture of the kind of presence they wanted their brand to have. Inspired by the colors, patterns, and textures of the location’s interiors, we were able to create a brand that is cohesive with the tranquil atmosphere they had already created in their space.


The Solution

The new Circle of Life Massage and Wellness logo features an equal balance between a sun and leaf motif, thoughtfully designed to resemble the fluidity of water. The organic stylization of the shapes and lines evoke the feeling of flowing tranquility. The logotype is a minimalistic typeface that mimics the thicks and thins of the line work within the iconography to create a cohesive mark. These themes of natural elements exemplify the significance of growth and serenity in Circle of Life’s approach to wellness.