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Zamagias/101North Queen

We could not have been more pleased when we had the opportunity to brand the greatest game changer in the City of Lancaster in the past decade: 101NQ. A regional developer partnered with us to brand and guide the marketing for this complex which is a retail, business and residential centerpiece unmatched in the city. From the logo to the marketing materials for the project, we were tasked with creating materials to represent the building and market to prospective tenants. During almost two years of construction, we helped to guide the narrative through social media and digital channels. When the destination opened, we launched the PR campaign, and we continue to generate awareness for the retailers.

The Challenge

Our goal was to create a common narrative across all stakeholder channels. It was important for us to be in continuous contact with the builder, the architect, the salespeople and the developer so that there was an open line of communication and we could fill each unique need.

The Aha Moment

The project started to come together when the construction took form on the street level and the sketches came to life into a structure that will truly redefine our city.

The Solution

For almost two years, we built excitement for the project through print, social and digital. Bold, powerful typography and modern line renderings accompanied by an “At the Center of it All” campaign became the main messaging that led the charge. We are now extending the brand to finishing touches like signage and street level way-finding.