Packaging Design



Fig Industries

We love local! Our goal to support independent businesses means that we need to reach families who were moving into our Fig areas and calling them home. And what do you need more than anything when you move into a new area? Insider information! The Fig Welcome Kit is a stylish and informational kit that welcomes you to your new home and gives you all of the essential tips on how to engage locally.

The Challenge

To engage new homeowners and make them feel welcome to our area and thriving downtown while also encouraging them to connect with locally owned businesses.

The Aha Moment

When we realized knowledge is power and that everyone wants to feel connected, welcome, and educated.

The Solution

To break through the flood of the mail new homeowners receive, we created a compact box that felt more like a gift. The Fig Welcome Kit includes a copy of Fig, a beautifuly-illustrated map of the area, and Local Expert Cards—a resource of trusted locally-owned business that one would need when new to an area.