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Kitchen Kettle Village

Family owned and operated since 1954, Kitchen Kettle Village represents all that is good about Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A village of independent shops, eateries, and maker spaces, they have created a visitor experience based on hospitality, warmth, and authenticity. Their shop, The Village Soap Company, makes and sells a variety of plant-based soaps. They came to us to develop its identity in keeping with our work on shaping the Kitchen Kettle Village brand.


The Challenge

To design a brand for their new soap brand that was fun, relaxing, and a unique experience for their customers. Conveying that they use quality natural ingredients to craft their products largely inspired the imagery for this brand.


The Concept

We worked to find a balance between the products’ characteristics to create an overall cohesive and effective brand identity. We wanted to create something that was tactile to evoke a natural, handmade feel but also felt clean and relaxing. Drawing further inspiration from the color palette and mood board, it became clear that texture would be significant to this brand.


The Solution

Using a heavily textured typeface for the logotype played a large role in conceptualizing the rest of the mark. The leaf motif was created using elements of the typeface and offered additional versatility to be a standalone icon that could be used for a more simplistic representation of the brand when necessary. The textural element is used very intentionally and sparingly throughout the rest of the brand. It is paired with a more simplistic sans serif typeface to maintain the balance between relaxing and fun.