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Chestnut Street Investment Counsel

Chestnut Street Investment Counsel, LLC is an independent investment management firm located in historic Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With decades of combined experience, their investment team has been building relationships and confidence with clients by creating and managing investment portfolios that focus on each client’s specific needs and goals.


The Challenge
To freshen up the brand and persona as it transitioned ownership—taking the expertise and well-known reputation of the firm from primarily male clientele and repositioning the firm to appeal to women investors, to.
The Eureka Moment
In addition to being a skilled and dynamic Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), our client is a champion competitive body builder. We took that strength, focus, and power she hones and draws upon as a body builder and transformed it into a metaphor for the ethos and partnership that she and her firm offer their clients.  
The Solution
In exploring the Chestnut Street brand and developing its persona through workshops with their team, we were able to get to the heart of who they are and how they work. We developed meaningful statements to position their brand and a logo that expressed the inviting, growth-driven personality of Chestnut Street Investment Counsel.