We’ll Miss You, Jacobo!

by Anthony Gorick

Jacobo Sánchez began his career in the United States for the first time a year ago. Originally from Valencia, Spain, Jacobo was eager to bring his design skills to the States when he started with Fig Industries.

“I had this great opportunity to work in another country, so I learned how a business in the US would work,” said Sánchez. “Fig takes care of their clients, all the way down to every detail—I learned so much about the process.”

This week, the Fig team is wishing Jacobo farewell as he moves to Charleston, South Carolina, where he and his wife are beginning a new chapter in their adventure together. The Fig team have always appreciated Jacobo’s humor, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas.


It’s bittersweet—but the team is excited for Jacobo as he starts this new journey.

“One of my favorite parts of working at Fig was the fun time I had with everyone,” said Sánchez. “My relationship with others is something I will miss. They are not just my coworkers—they are my friends.”

Though he loves Lancaster, Jacobo is excited to live in a place a bit warmer all year long. “I am also excited to live in a place that’s close to the beach,” he added.

Jacobo shared his appreciation for his time at Fig Industries and the important branding aspects he had learned.

“It was really cool to collaborate with the other designers,” said Sánchez. “We learn a lot from each other here.”

The Fig Industries team is excited to see the incredible projects Jacobo will continue to develop.

“During this fond farewell, we thank Jacobo for his talent, his team-spirit, and his dedication to our mission to design for good,” said Deborah Brandt, Creative Director & Owner at Fig Industries.

Good luck, Jacobo!



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