From the Fantastical to the Traditional—Fig Holiday Issues

by Rebecca Fowler

It’s not often that our entire team—from Columbia, South Carolina, to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania—gets together; when we do we try to take advantage of having all of that creative energy in one space and brainstorm. The result of this creative energy was our Holiday 2016 edition.


Fig Lancaster is designed around a ‘frozen in time’ idea. The editorial section’s visual style is ethereal, elegant, and classical. The team wanted the visual elements, including architecture, to be classic, featuring materials like wood, stone, and marble. Saint James Episcopal Church on Duke Street in the City of Lancaster provided the perfect backdrop. Mike Miville’s photography captures the split second of an emotion: the hint of surprise, the sparkle in eyes, the light streams, and haze.

Bethlehem’s theme is ‘written in the stars’—exploring the space where fantasy and ethereal beauty collides with science. Guided by visual elements including constellations, gemstones, and Roman numerals, the team applies the perfect color palette of navy, peacock, black, blush, champagne, and metallics.

Columbia, South Carolina is the storybook setting for ‘holiday ever after.’ Through visuals including gardens and natural elements, and a color palette including pastels, mint, sage, peach, and metallics, the design team created an editorial section that was both fantastical and grand.

Kennett Square embraces the ‘Brandywine tradition’. With a visual style that is preppy, classic, and traditional, the backdrops are home settings. This collection of holiday traditions is both familiar and unique.

West Chester explores ‘wonderment’, conveying magic and capturing the excitement and anticipation of the holidays. We used big props throughout this issue such as feathers, ribbon, tulle, graphic patterns, and light streams—things that bring the magic of anticipation to life.

Our purpose with every issue of Fig is to inspire, engage, and educate—supporting the cities that we love through our patronage and engagement. Happy 2017!


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