Lessons from Leaders—Fig Stories 2016

by Rebecca Fowler

Fig Stories 2016 showcases insightful stories featuring Lancaster County’s most influential leaders, bold thinkers, and agents of change.

There was a lot to be learned from the people we interviewed for Fig Stories 2016. One lesson that surfaced time and time again—and one that we seek to incorporate here at Fig Industries—is the power of opportunity.

Here are a few reflections on how those who were presented with opportunity turned potential into success and, importantly, also created further opportunity for others.

Ty GantTy Gant gratefully acknowledges the benefits of finding a mentor who empowered him and helped him change his life.

“He helped me build my confidence and I have to thank that man. He’s been the greatest person in my life—male figure wise,” he says.





Jan Bergen

Jan Bergen is happy to have found her path through service to others—one that both enriches her own life while helping those around her live their best lives.

“I actually was very blessed throughout my career. I just had lots of opportunities to be able to follow my heart in terms of wanting to stay connected with something I thought was meaningful and changed lives.”




Frank Fox found his life’s mission when he was miles Frank Foxaway from home. He encourages others to recognize their life’s purpose.

“The two most important days in anyone’s life are the day they are born and the day they find out why they were born,” says Frank Fox. “It took me over seventy years to discover the second.”

We’ve captured the stories of 39 local leaders in Fig Stories 2016, you can read the entire book online here.

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