Field Trip to the Fancy Food Show NYC

by Rebecca Fowler

The Fig Industries Design team just returned from the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City—a gathering of more than 2,400 food and beverage brands. The show is an annual research field trip for the team; they come back inspired and excited about design trends and packaging innovations. Here, they recount what they loved, what they thought worked, and how they will use it as inspiration for our design clients.

An overall design trend: minimal and clean packaging, bold and vibrant color stories. A modern take on the mom and pop shop. Lots of wood grains. Lots of white space.

IMG_3112     IMG_056413561761_1568753213418227_1089580765_n

The team enjoyed Plymouth Artisan Cheese—each cheese was wrapped in wax, each flavor distinguished through a color story. The vibrant color palate used to differentiate flavors by Salty Road Taffy also caught their eye. Bushwick Kitchen’s ‘Bees Knees’ line of honey was sleek, simple, and clean.

The team gravitated to the brands that applied the look and feel throughout the entire experience, including inside their booth. “We found that we stayed a bit longer at booths with good materials, a good atmosphere, and with good people who were approachable and knowledgeable about their brand,” said Josh Seibert.

Take Tippleman’s artisanally crafted feel—from their packaging to their hip drink mix takeaways. In a move to establish the brand beyond the logo and business card, everything (including the company representatives) was trendy, urban, and used white space with simple bold fonts.









Lolea was unmistakably on brand; they carried their colors throughout the booth and included smart touches like the vintage red bike and simple wooden crates. “It is obviously what is inside the package that sells but it is the packaging that draws you in and gives you the confidence to give something new a try,” said Ana Tamaccio.

It’s thrilling to see our clients representing at the show, including the packaging we designed for Savannah Bee Company’s Gold Honey Reserve.

As for the team’s unofficial take on food trends: coconut is the new siracha; simple ingredient lists are king, with the fewer ingredients the better; and organic is ‘the new norm’. It was a great show that combined food, design, and creativity—one where the design and packaging evolves just as quickly as the food trends!

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