Fig Industries Opens Office in Kennett Square

by Rebecca Fowler

Fig is your guide to shopping, dining, arts, and entertainment in great locations and now we officially have a great location in historic Kennett Square!  Fig Industries, the creators and producers of Fig now has an address right in the heart of the historic downtown at 102 East State Suite in Suite 3.

Historic Kennett Square is known for its boutique stores and restaurants. It is quaint and beautiful and has a sense of ease. This is reflected in our space where small businesses can come and strategize how to effectively market their businesses through the Fig communications package.

“Fig is a full service communication piece known for its unique design and extraordinary photography. In sharing this space with Beth Erisman Photography, the team will have access to a professional studio photography area too. “I am excited to share this creative space with Beth,” remarked Brianna, “having similar synergies, this shared office gives us both the opportunity to offer our own unique services to Kennett Square.


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