A Toast to Summer in the City

by Rebecca Fowler

It has been said that eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. The team at Fig Industries wholeheartedly agrees! As the team gathered to brainstorm the direction of our summer issues, we were inspired by the art form of presentation and the people behind it. Through art direction and design, the team showcased the pristine nature of a finished plate or cocktail while paying homage to the craftsmanship behind each dish or drink.

On the cover of each Fig, we explore the crafting of signature drinks, each perfectly garnished and encompassed by its main ingredient. The covers come together as a series, with each drink featured different from the last and uniformity coming from the execution of color story and typography.



The color story was based around the main ingredients. West Chester’s Bloody Mary visually popped with a tone-on-tone of red tomatoes while Kennett’s beer sat prominently in front of a bed of green hops. The color story was then used throughout the book. Below is an example of the Fig Kennett issue. The designer kept the typography in gray scale as to read legibly and prominently without overpowering the magnitude of the image.

The drinks were thoughtfully selected to be as appealing to local readers, visitors and tourists. The team picked the oh-so-tasty Spiced Pear Mojito at Annie Bailey’s in Lancaster. This drink uses Absolut Pear Vodka, fresh lime juice, fresh mint, soda water, and Sunshine Daydream by Rijuice. “For the editorial section, we felt it was important to capture the human element in motion, to understand that this was a fresh plate, specially crafted with care each time and proving a fascinating behind-the-scenes look,” remarked Ana Tamaccio, Fig Industries senior designer.

Open any Summer Fig to see how the team was inspired by light and pops of color coming from the dish itself. It gave each image breath while still encompassing a lot of detail.

In the end, the team wanted to lift up the food and drink unique to each great designations, to make the reader’s mouth water and eyes pop open with delight. The short and sweet of Summer 2016: to capture each beautifully crafted plate or drink in its respected light, making it look delectable, fresh, and presented perfectly. Enjoy our most delicious issues of 2016!

FK Summer 2016 Local Foodie

13116748_1697931180459366_696971004_nFI Designers working on covers.

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