A Fresh Look for Fig

by Rebecca Fowler

A new Fig® look has arrived!

After 11 years, it was time to freshen up the look and design of Fig® magazine. Fig is best known for using a combination of striking photography and clean graphic design to create a communication piece that elevates small businesses within great destinations.

The new design, released in all five destinations in Spring 2017, reveals a look that has bold imagery, clean simplicity, and stylized graphics. Fig lifts up four communities in Pennsylvania including LancasterBethlehemKennett Square, and West Chester, as well as Columbia, South Carolina.

The redesign was led by Fig Industries senior designer Josh Seibert. “The goal was to be original yet not have the new covers look unfamiliar,” said Josh. “We wanted to simplify the design and create a consistent, streamlined, and clean look between all issues. It helps build recognition and solidify the Fig brand.” 

What’s new: In addition to the new cover, the back cover, introduction page, and masthead were redesigned, and a few new typefaces used.

What has not changed: The Fig logo, and the team’s forever mission of Design for Good, which believes in the ability of creative thinking and powerful communication to transform businesses and communities.


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